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Chino Rules. 

Chino is a grassroots gravel event meaning it is self-supported, self-governed and multi-fun.

Be kind.  Be fair.  And don't do something that isn't honest or right.

We've got some other rules that promote a safe and fair opportunity for participants.

So ya, Chino Rules!


#1. Golden Rule:  Treat others as you want to be treated 

This includes but not limited to--

Fellow competitors/riders:  Help, check on and watch out for each other--no matter the circumstance.  Be good to each other.

Volunteers:  This event would not happen without them. This might be their first experience with this type of event.  Give them thanks.

Law Enforcement:  We'll have local law enforcement to assist with the event and you might see them at other points on the course.  They are doing us a great service.  Obey the laws.

General Public:  You will encounter others (ranchers, hunters, locals, off-roaders, campers, etc.) not associated with or aware of the Chino Grinder.  Share the space.  Respect private property.

Vendors:  Vendors will be there to add to the Chino experience.  They are not responsible for your experience.  Enjoy the atmosphere.

Land:  Your mother doesn’t work here and she sure isn’t going to chase you across the Arizona countryside to pick up after you.  DON’T LITTER.


Those not able to abide by the Golden Rule will not be able to participate in future Chino’s and/or be DQ’d for the current edition.  We reserve the right to refuse participation to anyone if we deem your past or present behavior breaks the Golden Rule. 


#2. Rules of the Road:  Open roads! (NOT closed to traffic)

  • Riders must ALWAYS obey all traffic laws and strictly obey any law enforcement persons or official event personnel.

  • Riders must, at all times, stay right of center line.  On dirt roads, riders must stay right of center.

  • Pass on the left, ONLY WHEN SAFE and let yourself be known when doing it. 


#3. Equipment Rules:  Helmets (required), brakes (required), ebikes (conditional) and aero bars (conditional).

  • All participants must wear a CPSC approved helmet during the entirety of their participation.

  • All bikes must be equipped with functioning front/rear brakes.

  • Class 1 ebikes are permitted, non-competitively on the 40 and 20 mile routes only.  Ebikes are not to interfere or assist other riders.  Non-ebike participants cannot draft ebikes—doing so will get both riders DQ’d.

  • Aero bars (TT bars) are NOT permitted on the 60, 40 or 20 mile routes.



  • No outside support is permitted, by anyone, anywhere on the course.

  • No domestiques.  Groups shall be organic.  No rider should be riding for another rider.  Chino is a solo mission.

  • Aid Stations are provided for all riders and 'hand-ups' will not be offered.

  • Drop bag service will be provided for 120 mile route only.  Bags must be dropped off at Registration by 630am day of event.  We are not responsible for lost or damaged bags/contents.  Bags should return by 5pm but this is not a guaranteed time.

  • Riders will be DQ'd and banned from future events if a vehicle connected to them travels on course during the event.

#5. Planning Rules:  PLAN AHEAD

  • Participants are required to have a GPS device with the downloaded route and/or printed cue sheet/directions from official routes posted.  Chino Grinder is not responsible for mis-marked or missing signage.  Riders are responsible for their navigation and staying on course.   If you turn around before your designated turn around, you have cut the course and you should report to the timing booth as a DNF (Did Not Finish).  But please do turn-around if you need to--we want you back safe. 

    • 120 mile turn around at JD Dam aid station

    • 60 mile turn around at Transition aid station

    • 40 mile turn around at Railroad aid station

    • 20 mile turn around at Munds Draw aid station

  • Have a plan in case you are not able to complete your Chino.  Family/friend can pick you up at the Transition Aid Station (60 mile turn around point).  Important to note:  they can only access that point via Drake Rd—they CANNOT travel on the course.  Official directions to that point are listed below.

  • Plan your needs for the day--nutrition, hydration and bike.  Aid Stations will have basic refueling needs (hydration and nutritional).  If you have specific needs, plan to carry your supplies for the day.  You are responsible for your mechanical needs.

  • Plan to have FUN!  It’s going to be a great day, so plan accordingly 😊


#6.  Number Plate Rules: Keep them, how you get them--only attach them to the front of your bike.

  • No bending, folding, cutting or altering number plates.  Plain and simple. 

I mean, you want your time to be recorded, right?

  • Mount plate unobstructed, on the front of the bike. 

  • Do not wrap around any part of the bike.

  • E-bikes will have a red seat post flag in addition to a number plate.



Directions to Transition Aid Station:

This is only for abandoned riders.  If someone meets you here, you have abandoned.  

We give you directions starting from the intersection of Highway 89 & Drake Rd (intersection is approx 10 miles north of Paulden, AZ on State route 89). 

How you get to that intersection, is up to you.

Distance form intersection to Transition Aid Station is approximately 10 miles.  Approximate travel time from Chino Grinder Venue is 45 minutes (30 miles). 

Be aware that different map services can label roads differently.  Do not drive on course.

Start:  Intersection of Highway 89 & Drake Rd./FSR 492

Merge onto Forest Service 492 Rd, 4.5 mi

Continue onto Co Rd 71, 4.0 mi

Continue onto Co Rd 73, 0.6 mi

Continue onto Fr 492, 0.6 mi

Arrive at intersection of Perkinsville Rd./Transition Aid Station

Directions to JD Dam:

This is for Duo participants ONLY.  This is the only route Duo participants may travel to get to their transfer spot. 

We give you directions from downtown Williams.  How you get to downtown Williams is up to you. 

Distance from downtown Williams to JD Dam is approximately 19 miles.  Approximate travel time from Chino Grinder Venue is 1h 40m (74 miles).

Be aware that different map services can label roads differently.  Do not drive on course.

Start:  Downtown Williams, AZ (4th Street & Route 66)

Head south on S 4th St toward W Grant Ave, 0.5 mi

Continue onto S Perkinsville Rd, 7.8 mi

Turn left onto Fire Rd 110/White Horse Rd. Continue to follow Fire Rd 110, 6.9 mi

Fire Rd 110 turns slightly left and becomes Fire Rd 109/White Horse Lake Rd, 0.5 mi

Slight right onto Fire Rd 110/J D Dam Rd, 3.0 mi

Turn right onto Fire Rd 11, 0.4 mi

Turn left into JD Dam day use area, 0.1 mi

Arrive at J. D. Dam Lake/JD Dam Aid Station

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