Bike Fest & Expo

Rung what you Brung!  Chino is all about bikes and the people who ride them!  Our course will make you think about comfort, efficiency and capability.  Get creative or get high tech!  It’s the journey and sharing your experience that we remember.  
We invite you to be the Expo!!  Friday, come to pick up your packet and stay to check out some rigs or show your own rig!  Bring a bike stand (or reach out and we might be able to get one for you) and be ready to talk bikes and answer questions (ok, twist my arm).  What tires and why?  What made you go with that gearing?  Running the latest shock absorbing seat post—cool I’ve been wanting to see one of those.  Franken-bike, hell YES!!  Got the latest snazzy, spendy frame that we have yet to see in person—show it (lookie but no touchie)!!  

   We’ll have a small white board for you to display the essentials plus anything else you want to share!   tire size, psi, course distance, how many chinos, gearing, post ride drink, etc!

More details coming soon....

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We're going to have lots of options for you to top off and replenish your tank!

More details coming soon