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The Chino Grinder

Chino Grinder is Arizona’s longest running (circa 2014) and original Gravel Grinder. What is a Gravel Grinder--essentially its an organized bike ride on dirt roads.  Riding on dirt roads is nothing new but these types of events originated in the American Midwest and quickly found favor with riders around the world. 


The Chino is an ultra-endurance cycling event showcasing multiple distances for all ages and experience levels.  The course is remote and highlights Arizona’s diverse beauty while traveling on sections of the longest continuously used road in the country.  While our modern bike wheels may have replaced wooden wagons of days ago, traversing these rugged parts requires the same grit and sense of adventure.

Chino Valley

Chino Valley is a rural, ranching and agricultural community approximately 10 miles north of Prescott, Arizona.  It's known as 'Big Sky' country with endless views in every direction.  Sitting at around 4,700 ft, you won't find the iconic saguaros most commonly associated with the Arizona desert.  Here the surrounding rolling hills are blanketed in golden Gama grasses where native Pronghorn roam. 

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